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Nice to meet you through this website. This website is exclusively designed for those who wants to earn money through PTC (Paid To Click) Sites. This is the only website where you will find the list of ptc bux sites, best bux sites, top bux sites, bux ptc sites, bux sites that pay, bux host sites, new bux sites, genuine bux sites.


What is the actual concept?


PTC sites are paid by their Advertisers for displaying their product ads to the site Members. Each time a Member of a PTC site clicks an ad and watches it for 30 seconds he/she earns money. This way both sides are satisfied, Advertisers get traffic and potential customers and Members make money. Members are paid via Paypal / Alertpay once their account balance reaches to the minimum payout of the PTC site. See the Payment Proof of our existing members.


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After many years of research and hard work we have developed a list of top highest paying PTC sites which are paying their members instantly. All these PTC sites are genuine, reliable and absolutely Free to join. Please complete the steps given below to start earning huge money from PTC sites.

Step 1: Create PayPal and Payza account. PayPal and Payza are the most common online payment processors which members use to withdraw money from PTC sites.



Step 2: Click on the Banners below.
Click Register / Sign Up. Fill up the Registration Form. Check E-mail and click on the Confirmation Link or Copy / Paste the Activation Code. In order to maximize your earning opportunities, register with as many sites as possible.

Step 3: Log in with Username and Password. Click View Ads / View Advertisements / Surf Ads. When you click an ad a new window will open with a timer at the top of the page and the advertiser's page in the bottom frame. Wait till the timer is down to zero and you get a confirmation that your account has been credited. Click all ads. Click My Account to check your account balance.


You will be paid by the PTC website once your account balance reaches to the minimum payout of the particular website. To request payment click Withdraw / Cashout. Enter your Paypal / Alertpay E-mail address. Payment will be sent to your Paypal / Alertpay account instantly. From Paypal / Alertpay you can withdraw money either by Bank Transfer or by Cheque.


To increase your earnings you can refer new members. To get referral link click Banners / Referral Link. Send the referral link to your friends or post the referral link in free classified websites.

Don't miss this great opportunity. Make more money. All the best. Please Bookmark (Ctrl + D) this page. Visit daily to get Top Highest Paying PTC Sites List.


Clixsense.Com: Click: $0.01, Payout: $6.00, Paypal / Payza



ClixSense Payment Proof


ClixSense Affiliate Program - Refer Others And Multiply Your Earnings!


Clicksia.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $1.00, Paypal / Payza



Incentria.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $1.00, Paypal / Payza



Jillsclickcorner.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $1.00, Paypal / Payza


(After Login click Paid To Signup and earn up to $1 per completed offer)


Donkeymails.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $1.00, Paypal / Payza


DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

(After Login click Paid2Signup and earn up to $1 per completed offer)


Cashnhits.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $0.60, Paypal / Payza


(After Login click EARN MONEY, View PTC Ads, View Video Ads.

Click Complete Offers and earn upto $2 per completed offer.)


Cashtream.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $0.10, Paypal / Payza



Scarlet-clicks.Info: Click: $0.001, Payout: $0.10, Paypal / Payza



Ayuwage.Com: Click: $0.015, Payout: $5.00, Paypal / Payza


(After Login Click Start Earning, View Sites / Regular Sites. Ads available throughout the day.)


Innocurrent.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $1.00, Paypal / Payza


(After Login Click Start, View Sites / Regulars. Ads available throughout the day.)


Clicks4cents.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $1.00, Paypal / Payza



Clixtiply.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $1.00, Paypal / Payza



Earningnation.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $0.10, Paypal / Payza



Twickerz.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $0.10, Paypal / Payza



Cashcamel.Net: Click: $0.0001, Payout: $0.01, Paypal / Payza



Ref4bux.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $0.10, Paypal / Payza



Spaceptc.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $0.50, Paypal / Payza



Earneasycash.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $0.90, Paypal / Payza



Cashons.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $1.00, Paypal / Payza



Bucks4shares.Com: Click: $0.001, Payout: $0.01, Paypal / Payza



Bux-gpx.Net: Click: $0.0005, Payout: $0.10, Paypal / Payza



Infinitybux.Com: Click: $0.01, Payout: $10.00,  Payza



Infinitybux.Com: Click: $0.01, Payout: $10.00,  Payza



Davidsbux.Com: Click: $0.01, Payout: $1.00, Paypal / Payza



Globalpaid-bux.Com: Click: $0.01, Payout: $2.00, Paypal / Payza



33bux.Com: Click: $0.01, Payout: $3.00, Paypal / Payza



Cashfreebux.Com: Click: $0.01, Payout: $3.00, Paypal / Payza



Marihuanabux.Com: Click: $0.01, Payout: $3.00, Paypal / Payza



Browse4bux.Com: Click: $0.003, Payout: $5.00, Paypal / Payza



Ptcbox.Com: Click: $0.005, Payout: $2.00, Paypal / Payza



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